Meet “Baz”

Family PortraitHolding several degrees in the areas of Business, Philosophy, and Theology, Basil has a passion for learning and exploration.

Having worked in corporate America for both large corporate entities as well as small to medium size business, Basil now operates his business ventures from the comfort home.  From his history of entrepreneurial spirit, Basil has owned several businesses, and currently is involved in Real Estate acquisition and managing asset holdings as well as being involved in the sales of Steel and Portable Buildings.

Basil is also actively engaged in a newly launched family business blog providing social media and news related to promote the “Stay Healthy Life”, a site dedicated to furnishing followers with relevant and current information related to living and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Recognizing the importance of pursuing and maintaining a balanced life, Basil is passionate about endeavors related to faith, family, and patriotism.

I am a passionately curious individual, and for this reason seek any and all opportunities to learn and experience each day of Life as it is so graciously provided.

Basil currently resides in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with his Family: Janet, wife of going on 30 years, two adult sons, Alek and Aaron, and two fun dogs, our Bichon Frise named “Benji”, and Maltese Shih Tzu named “Samson”.   Hobbies include, Bible study, Health and Wellness, Foreign Exchange Trading, Exercise, Music, Movies and Travel.

Thank you for visiting with me; my friends all call me “Baz”, I hope you will too…